Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chris Chelios Retires

It had already been reported several weeks ago, but yesterday it was made official:

Chris Chelios is retiring, and will be working with the Detroit Red Wings front office.

Nothing too shocking to report here, but for those interested, here's some video from the presser, where Cheli spoke candidly about the end of his career (video courtesy of NHL.com)

Also, a nice lengthy interview this morning on WCSX in Detroit. I can't find a way to embed or directly link it here, but go to this link and find the "Jamie with Chris Chelios" podcast from this morning.

Cheli is a legend, and one of the greats. He's certainly one of the finest American defensemen to ever play the game (if not, one of the finest defensemen period). A champion, an Olympian and time-defying freak of nature. Even though his kids went to East freakin' Lansing Clown College, he still was, is, and always will be a Badger. He was a key component in our 1983 national title, and as Badger fans we could always take pride in calling him one of our own.

Chris Chelios, we salute you.