Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Walters Update; Wisconsin In "Serious Consideration"

As many of you are aware, I reported back on April 17th that Des Moines Buccaneers forward Ryan Walters was de-committing from the University of Minnesota.

Minnesota, his original choice, told him that he was going to be a 2010 recruit from the time he committed. It became readily apparent that he was going to be pushed back a year when the Gophers accelerated high school juniors Nick Bjugstad and Seth Amrboz and added a few older forwards in Tom Serratore and Jared Larson. At this point it looks like the Gophers will be rostering about 17-18 forwards next season (remember only 12 can play).

I spoke with Ryan at the time about why he made the decision and he talked about wanting to play college hockey this season, "My family felt that I am ready to play college hockey this upcoming season so I'm going to try and find a school that will allow me to do that."

I've spoken to anonymous sources familiar with the situation and they have said that they believe Walters has spoken with up to 18 college hockey teams since his de-commitment. They also mentioned that it sounds as if Walters will be taking some visits to see these schools as soon as today.

I've been told that Wisconsin is a "strong consideration" for Walters services. Wisconsin issued a press release today announcing their 2010 recruiting class. That recruiting class includes 6 incoming freshman forwards to replace 8 out going forwards (7 seniors, and Thurber). That would leave us at 14 forwards, or about 1 forward short. Eaves has played it pretty coy as to the number of forwards we will roster this season. I'm fairly certain that he's making a strong push to get a commitment out of Walters to fill out the roster.

And trust me, this would be one HUGE commitment.
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